I have a studio in a building.....I share it with other graduate students and a few mice. The mice have left evidence of their movements in my studio which I have tracked through an extensive process. Each dropping has been flagged, documented, sealed, and bagged so that I can recreate this experience again. A small portion of the information that I have collected is documented in this web site. The rest of the information and the actual droppings are contained in a kit.



I divided the room into three zones; blue, green, and yellow. Each of the colors corresponds to a wall in my studio. This site is also arranged accordingly.

The room is divided into a 12" x 12" grid. The grid was useful in recording the position of the droppings and organizing the space. Each section has a number, obviously all of the sections are not included in this site, but each section with a dropping in it is included.

Every dropping also has a number, 119 in total. The droppings were collected and bagged in the appropriate bag to keep them in order.